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Dead Filth

Being dead is an advantage to solving your own murder; you can’t hide from the ghost squad.

Exciting 60 minute fantasy drama TV pilot. A bright young cop investigating a snuff movie porn king, is brutally murdered on his first day at C.I.D. His spirit vows to solve his own murder, save his endangered detective girlfriend, and somehow find a way back to the living.

Pets Eyes

They find the leads to chase the tails.

Exciting 60 minute comedy drama TV pilot. After a comical misunderstanding leads to their chance meeting, two polar opposite women become unlikely Pet Detectives, seeking stolen puppies, a murderer, redemption, and a missing Apache Indian... 

The Final Straw

The past horrifically catches up an embittered, disabled female detective when she investigates a paraplegic's brutal murder.  

Exciting, 30 minute drama.

Shang's Grill La

The only place to be for your lunchtime cuppa tea...

Hilarious 30 minute comedy TV pilot. A run down diner in an industrial estate car park is the Shangri-la for the adventures an odd assortment of comic losers. 

Ewan Hughes Army

They came from space, they came to life, they've come to town.

Funny, exciting 30 minute Children’s TV fantasy pilot. A  bright, lonely Orphan battles Bullies, Crime and a Secret Government Space Agency, when his ramshackle collection of old toy soldiers are possessed by inept, marooned Alien scrap dealers.

Children of Eve

Mankind's only hope. The last four teenagers of Earth...

Exciting, 30 minute Children’s TV Sci-Fi Pilot. After 10,000 years adrift in space, Evacuation Vehicle E reactivates a wanna be football Captain, a Geek with a secret, a manic child Actress, and a Goth with no past, to voyage back to save the frozen planet Earth...   

 © Gareth Michael Turpie 2012

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