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Fat's the end of the World!

Hilarious, exciting, 90 minute high concept comedy disaster feature film:

Fat's the way to do it: Only twenty four hours, two idiots in a scrap heap jet bomber, and ten tons of doughnuts, can save the entire World from total ecological meltdown.  (Full Script available) 


The Brunel Legacy

Exciting, 90 minute high concept action feature film: 

An embittered Bristol river cop helps a beautiful student solve her boyfriend’s murder by following a hidden trail of clues leading to Isambard Kingdom Brunel's fabulous secret legacy. (Full Treatment available)

Run, Reindeer run

Funny, exciting, 90 minute animation/C.G.I. feature film: 

A shooting star on Christmas Eve inspires an orphaned reindeer to lead an escape from an abattoir truck to seek Santa... at the North Pole, Scotland. (Full Treatment available)

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