The Secret 

Monologue. A sultry bar temptress hides an intriguing secret.

Mesif's Cell

An exciting, twisting tale of greed, betrayal and a hands free mobile phone... 


Monologue. She's on the cusp of total, beautiful surrender to the ecstasy of his magical fingers until the front door opens and she walks in... 

Bridge of Sighs

Rivalry between two third world countries over a new river bridge ends trade and brings poverty, until a group of civilians from either side set sail to end the stalemate.

Seventy Seven 

Surrounded by the debris of his burning bike, a dying biker recounts his final year.

Love will find a way 

(2007 "Torrevieja: Another look" winner, Spain)

The long lost secret behind the tale of a bronze statue leads a young man into a Spanish Civil War adventure and an old man to his redemption. 





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