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Temptation and double cross come sealed with a kiss.  

Stylish 2 Minute Thriller. A femme fatale is held captive in a traitor's office. But just who is on the hit list?


Happy Hour
Singles who want be doubles.
Stylish 2 Minute Romance. Two disheartened strangers seek refuge in a fading singles bar from that most special of nights.  


Time's up. Choose.  

Stylish 2 Minute Thriller. A terrified, kidnapped female Minister is forced to make an unusual choice.


It's getting bigger...

Unusual 1 minute, 1 female character, 1 Ext. location short. A mysterious dot holds a deadly fascination.

Dot to Dot

It's getting bigger...

Thirty second version.


She's on the case today...

Cheeky, sassy 1 minute, 1 female character dialogue free short.  A pretty girl's suitcase has an unexpected effect. 

Urban Angling

Funny, thirty second expose of this strange new sub genre of fishing...

Beach Wear

Funny, thirty second tale of unusual beachcombing.

I Witness

One can be too close to the action.

Exciting 1 minute, 2 character found footage POV drama of the London riots.

                                                                            © Gareth Michael Turpie 2012

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