Learn it to Earn it...

Learn it to earn it 
Click below for the best Scriptwriting Opportunities, Advice, Knowledge and Wisdom I've found surfing the interweb.

Most importantly: SAVE YOUR WORK! 

I always back my work up on my laptop, on a memory stick, and on "Dropbox". 

Dropbox is FREE, easy to use, secure web storage that instantly backs up anything you save on your home device. Once saved, only you can access it - from any web enabled device or place you choose. 

Even cooler, if you sign up via this link: http://db.tt/eV98Vmi      we both get an extra 500mb of bonus space! Go. Do it now.

All you need to know ( U.K.)

All you need to know ( U.K.) 
Auntie Beeb at her best; advice, links, scripts, opportunities, submission guides, insights, interviews, free script software, and much more.

Passionate, UK Film Council supported Regional Film & Media Agency for the South East of England. Training, Advice, news, links, features, Information Days and funding!

Advice, news, links, features, fun and all the latest news of a certain little gathering

Copyright advice, downloads, factsheets and more.

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe - Writers Special
50 minutes of Writing Wisdom from Russell T Davies, Tony Jordan, Graham Linehan, Paul Abbott, Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain. In 5 bitesized parts courtesy of Robin Kelly.

Six scripts from the great Sir Russell T. Davies, OBE, including "Midnight" a true Master class (pardon the pun) in tight, gripping writing. Pure Class. Top education. Read them!

How it really is, how it happens as it happens, from the hot Severence/Dr Who/Torchwood/every new show writer

THE man! A friendly blog full of practical advice and insights about screenwriting from the inside. Read ALL his story vault!

THE woman! Top blog for updates, lists, inspiration, links and advice on how to and how not to write your script from a Pro script reader.

Old website is still live and full of lessons.

More Info, advice, and loads of links to other top bloggers on
new blog.

Top blog for info, advice, and how it is, from a top screenwriter (5 films produced, 7 in development) plus loadsa links including one to his informative website.

Friendly advice, Info, links and "a conduit of good ideas for film makers" run by Tim Clague, BAFTA nominated scriptwriter.

Stephen Gallagher, top screenwriter, (Doctor Who, Bugs, Chimera, etc) creator of Eleventh Hour, tells how it is, with advice, tips and insights.

Ah, but Doctor who? An award winning scriptwriter, consultant and tutor passes on some wisdom.

TV scriptwriter Phil Gladwin offers tips, insights and a great forum

Info and insights from the Doctors/Holby/Eastenders writer & graduate of the BBC's Drama Academy

All you need to know ( U.S.)

All you need to know ( U.S.) 

THE U.S. site. Hollywood screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio tell you EVERYTHING. A full course in 60 essays.

If he tells you who he is, he'll have to kill you. Fortunately for us, he tells us everything else and links to many more top sites.

Bill Martell, friendly Hollywood Pro Screenwriter shares screen secrets, scripts, links to other top sights and the reason for his blogs name.

Articles, down to earth basics, advice and wisdom from a top US screenwriter.

Julie L. Gray, Hollywood Reader, and writer, gives advice, motivation tips and more.

How to Pitch :-

How to Pitch :- 
Plot, Characters, all 3 acts in half a minute...Jennifer Shiman hilariously re-imagines two hour movies in just thirty seconds, and still retains the major plot points! Pitching masterclass for when that Exec says " You've got half of minute of my time."
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