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Night Guard

They've been watching. Tonight, they're coming...

Exciting, 10 minute, 2 female characters, Horror Short with only 1 int/ext location. 

A pretty soldier, in a desolate guard hut, is tormented by her bullying female sergeant. But are there other, more sinister forces at work? Shock double twist ending.

Marriage Vow
Will they survive the death of their marriage? 

5 minute, 2 character, compelling drama. Bitter dialogue, and an argument over mugs or best china, conveys a divorcing couple's final cup of tea together. Shock twist ending.


A statue of a WW2 soldier shows a group of yobs the true horrors of war.

5 minute, 3 character, compelling drama. 3 disrespectful, spiteful yobs have a shock encounter with a WW2 statue outside a D-Day museum. 

The answer to everything you have...
exciting, twisting 5 minute thriller. A yob is terrorised when he answers a lonely ringing payphone.

Last shot
Everything depends on the final shot.

The only two surviving combatants. Last shot each: One stalks, savouring the hunt. The other evades, fearing the conflict. Exciting 2 character, minimum dialogue, one external location 5 minute thriller. 


He's in a jam... for some jam.

5 minute 1 character comedy. A recently retired pensioner, craving jam on his toast must once more brave the hated morning rush hour.

Is anything as ever as clear as it seems?

Exciting, real time 5 minute Thriller, with only 1 multi-connotational word of dialogue. A bomb disposal expert has only 5 minutes to locate and defuse a deadly device.

Statue you he fell for?

Bouncy, 2 character, 5 minute romantic short. A lonely tourist falls for an enigmatic statue that comes to life in an eerie mist. He wants her forever, but, be careful what you wish for...


It's out of control and coming your way!

Dialogue free, 5 minute Comedy Drama. A speeding ambulance hurtles towards trapped traffic. No driver at its wheel. Just a periscope...

Prize Fishing

He's hooked the biggest catch of his life.

Charming, gentle, 5 minute, dialogue free comedy. A poor guy takes his son fishing for supper everyday at a prestige marina. Never catches a thing. Until today...



Today, all her problems disappeared. Along with everyone else...  

Shocking, 5 minute, 1 female character horror short. A sassy girl wakes, shocked to discover she’s left all alone, not just by last night's date. The entire world. Shock twist ending.

The Choice

She has just forty eight hours to make the right one. 

Stylish, gripping 5 Minute Comedy Thriller. A terrified, kidnapped female Minister is forced to make an unusual choice.

Soccer Strip

They sing. They chant. They roar. They bay for blood. Before they've even reached the pitch...

Low to no budget 5 minute earthy comedy using realistic strong language, set in one football changing room location.


 © Gareth Michael Turpie 2012

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