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Time Table

Sassy, breezy 15 minute Sci-Fi Comedy, 2 Character, minimal props Theatre play. An heroic R.A.F. Recruiting Officer and his spirited Female Interviewee have 24 hours to save the world...

Fort Nowhere

Telling, 15 minute Comedy Drama, 1 Character, minimal props Theatre play. An embittered lifer Soldier is taunted by a strange, S.A.S. Sergeant. 

Dunkirk: An Escape

Moving, 15 minute Drama, 3 Character, minimal props Theatre play. Abandoned after the heroic evacuation, 2 British Soldiers find a tragic redemption when they stumble upon a young, shell shocked French Widow whilst hiding in the ruins of her war ravaged house.

© Gareth Michael Turpie 2012 
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