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I'm a UK based Scriptwriter with a diverse portfolio of work. 

Born in Scotland, raised in Portsmouth, Hampshire, I have travelled extensively and lived in Spain for a while, before returning to the, ahem, warmer climate of my home town, sunny Pompey.

I have previously worked as a Maritime Weapons Technician, a Telecommunications Engineer, and a Technical and  Diversity Trainer for some of the U.K.'s top companies including Marconi Systems, Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence and B.T. 

Creatively, I have been a Co-Producer on two short films, an actor, an extra, and, - don't laugh - a stand up comic. 

I was the singer-songwriter for the Portsmouth band "Tarkus" many, many moons ago, where I also wrote lyrics for other bands, and sold short stories, sketches and poetry before I graduated into Scriptwriting. 

Here is a brief summary of my scribbles to date, while further details of my work and credits can be found on the following pages. 


Andover Community Theatre:  ‘Dunkirk - an escape  Play, drama

YeahMoose Productions: The World's Greatest Zombie Hunter  Web Series. Co-Writer

New Theatre Royal: I Witness  Play, drama

50 Kisses Competition short list  ‘K.I.S.S. drama short

Redplanet Films Competition second round finalist: ‘Ghost Squad’ 60 minute TV drama


White Tiger Films: ‘Limbo’  drama short. Co-Writer 

White Tiger Films: ‘Dot’  drama short.

New Theatre Royal: 'The Missing Years' Play. Co-Writer



Express FM: ‘Conway Street’ Radio soap. Co-wrote 22 episodes.

Donny Sutherland Music: ‘Looking to the Stars’ video script.

Barney TV Productions: ‘Soccer Shorts’ comedy script. 

Redplanet Films Competition: ‘Pets Eyes’ 60 minute TV drama.

Channel 4 Coming Up entry: ‘Final Straw’ 30 minute TV drama.

The Verb Finalist: ‘Mesif’s Cell’ drama short story.

‘Shang’s Grill La’ 30 minute comedy TV pilot.

‘Time Table’ 15 minute comedy sci-fi play.

‘Fort Nowhere’ 15 minute comedy drama play.

‘Dunkirk’ 15 minute tragedy drama play.

‘Clear’ 5 minute real time, exciting, drama short.

‘Lola’ 5 minute romantic short.

‘Prize Fishing’ 5 minute feel good short. 

‘Alone’ 5 minute horror short. 

‘Soccer Strip’ 5 minute comedy short.

‘Dot’ 1 minute clever drama short. 

‘K.C.’ 1 minute dialogue free comedy short. 


BBC Radio4/Comedy Unit: ‘Watson’s wind up’ Comedy sketches.

Screen South Digital shorts Finalist: ‘Night Guard’ 10 minute horror short. 

Formed Production company 2Scribes: Co-produced, wrote and acted in  2 short films from my scripts: ‘Golden Eight’ an alternative Western Comedy, and ‘Choices’ a thriller.

‘Children of Eve’ 30 minute Children’s Sci-Fi TV pilot.

‘Ewan Hughes Army’ 30 minute Children’s Sci-Fi TV pilot.

‘JTG’ 30 minute Comedy sketch show TV pilot co-written with an ex “Smack the Pony” writer and a young comedian.

‘The Choice’ 5 minute comedy drama short.

‘The Secret’ Drama monologue.

‘Rose Beach’ Dialogue free Romantic music video.

‘Graveyard’ Dialogue free Rock music video.


Redplanet Films Competition: Hamilton Barclay-Jones’ Drama pilot.

Forramona Productions: For Ramona’ apocalyptic CD promotional graphic comic strip.

The Verb Finalist: ‘Seventy Seven’ drama short story.

‘Doughnutz’ 90 minute environmental comedy spec film script. 

Ambulance’ 5 minute dialogue free comedy drama short.


Redplanet Films Competition: ‘Dead Filth’ 60 minute drama pilot. 

Torrevieja International short story winner: ‘Love will find a way’ romantic drama.

‘Bridge of sighs’ Drama short story.

‘Ecstasy’ Short Monologue.

‘SheikSpear’ My blog charting my scriptwriting journey. It soon cultivated some 2500 readers and became a recommended blog on the Cheltenham screenwriter’s festival website.

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